Learn about us and discover the difference.

Learn about us and discover the difference.

Mission & Goals


Zinta Inspired Language helps eliminate ongoing communication barriers through interpersonal, cross-cultural, and language training to build bridges,  connect people, and expand opportunities.

Business Philosophy

We are creative problem solvers who truly understand the needs of our customers and go above and beyond the expectations in order to help them achieve their goals.  We will continue to present ourselves and our services in the highest quality possible.

Bridging the Gap

Zinta Inspired Language is committed to connecting people by providing professional live, online, and distance learning that give participants skills in interpersonal communication, relationship building, cross-cultural, and Spanish/English language training for businesses, organizations, and individuals.  We are committed to reaching various populations by also providing language classes for youth of all ages, citizenship, computer, and driving skills classes each taught bilingually.  We provide business services which include interpretation, translation, and tutoring as well as an on-line store for purchasing additional learning and promotional items.

Our Staff



Vendla Smith, M.Ed.


Vendla Smith, founder and director of Zinta Inspired Language, an international cross-cultural and language training center, has developed a unique and innovative instructional model that goes beyond ‘Words’ and ‘Mechanics’.  This model has proven to remedy both ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ core issues related to communication.

Traditional approaches to language acquisition have always been focused on “studying” it hoping one day to “use” the language conversationally.  Vendla’s approach to language acquisition enables the learner to actually “use” the language while acquiring it, thereby gaining fluency faster than traditional methods.

Vendla has presented nationally for agencies such as the Department of Defense, Department of Aging, and the National Association for School Nurses Annual Conventions. She has also presented over 150 Industry specific seminars nationwide.

She received her Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language, State Teaching License, and Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Philosophy in Education.

Her vast travel experience and personal interaction with various cultures in many parts of the world has given her a deep understanding of not only languages, cultures, and traditions, but also how to transform the way the learner views and communicates with the world around them.


Meet the Staff


Kerry Smith, Business Operations Manager




Noemi Maldonado, Office Manager, Certified Zinta Trainer & Interpreter


Tyler Crighton, Certified Zinta Trainer


Trainers with Real Experience

Our experienced Zinta certified trainers are dedicated to helping you discover your unique potential – academically, socially, and interpersonally. Our trainers understand that there are many different learning styles in a classroom. Their many different teaching strategies not only make the classes fun and interactive, but give the students needed practice and repetition in their unique learning style which enables participants to actually USE the language as they learn it!  They are able to adapt the curriculum to the individual needs of the participants in each training session.

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