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Adult language learning that  focuses on communication.
Our highly experienced Zinta Certified Trainers use a variety of different strategies in designed to reach YOUR individual learning style.   You will be speaking in record time with individual help you need in order to reach your goals quickly.  Begin speaking from the first session of class and gain basic fluency in the language in as little as five 8-week sessions!  Have you taken a language at an institution and can’t USE it?  We can help!

Group Classes

Our targeted and fun 8-week group classes meet once a week for an hour and a half.  You will have a great time meeting new people, practicing with your neighbor, and learning from our easy to understand lessons.  Class size stays under 16 so that you will get individual attention from your instructor! Zinta classes are not like your high school or college classes.  We focus on conversation and get you speaking right from the start in a fun and stress-free way!Computerblog

Distance Classes

These are NOT your average online classes!  You will see, hear, and speak to your instructor, view the power points, get the handouts via email, etc.  It is just like sitting across a table from your trainer!  We don’t cut quality with our distance classes!

1 on 1 classes

Our 1-on-1 classes are for 1 to 4 students wanting to work privately with an instructor.  These classes are designed for difficult schedules that allow you to reschedule or skip a session if needed.  Your instructor will move as fast or slow as you desire, and we customize the training just for you!


Having trouble in that language class?  Want to bring up your grade?  We can help!  Schedule a one-hour tutoring session today!


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More Than Just a Class

Now that you have signed up for a Zinta Adult Language 8-session course, you also get…
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Language Builders – Bimonthly emails to give you some tips and tricks of the language!

Culture Night – Get out of the classroom and learn about diverse cultures offered once each 8-weeks!  Go to visit an art fair, visit the Wichita Art Museum, attend a cultural festival and many others offered to our local students, family, and friends.

Meet Up Groups – Join our meet up groups for the opportunity of practicing the language with others! Free for students!

Language Lab – Need extra help listening?  Reserve you spot in our language lab.  Offered only to current students!

Reduced Individual Tutoring – Want a little extra 1 on 1 practice?  Need some extra help?  Zinta offers $35 for each 60 minute session for the students who desire having some individual help.  (Regularly $55)

Volunteer Opportunities – Broaden your horizons right here at home with community services events.

Social Media Videos, Facts, and Additional Vocabulary – Available on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest.

Since we have more options contact us to scheduling and pricing! 

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