• baby and adult

    Become Bilingual WITH Your Child

    Have you ever thought about enriching YOUR life while you enrich your child’s? Have you ever thought you could learn a new language right along WITH your child? You might already know some of the HUGE benefits to learning another language as a child such as: increased math and reading scores better grasp of the […]

  • benefits blog

    10 HUGE Benefits to Learning a Foreign Language

    Many studies have shown that people benefit from learning a foreign language at any age. Whether you are interested in the language for travel, connecting with family, boosting your personality or any other reason, the following advantages demonstrate just how beneficial it is to learn a foreign language at any time. Research has proven that […]

  • youthblog

    Foreign language benefits to children

    There have been many studies conducted that have found that people who had learned a foreign language when they were young had denser gray matter in the brain than those who had learned the language later.  In a comparison of brain imaging, bilingual speakers were shown to have denser gray matter than monolingual speakers.  However, […]