Overcoming Cultural Issues in Business


Cultural Issues in business



Are you dealing with some cultural issues in your organization?   Are you having cultural problems with staff?

The participants of this highly interactive and engaging presentation will learn how to effectively build a bridge between different cultures by tearing down walls and building up trust in the first five minutes. The participants will learn effective communication skills that can be used with various cultures in order to help others feel comfortable right from the start. This motivational and informative presentation combines interpersonal communication, cultural understanding, and a few linguistic skills. The participant will have a deeper understanding of the many ways in which they send positive and negative messages.

The participants of the presentation will be able to:

• Identify common positive and negative messages sent through verbal and interpersonal communication.
• Explain the three main ways in which we communicate in the world of business as well as which one communicates the most.
• Explain the differences between high and low emotive personalities.
• Demonstrate how to effectively match someone’s communication style in order to build trust.
• Greet someone in Spanish as they demonstrate various interpersonal communication using facial expressions and body language.
• Show professional respect to various cultures through verbal and interpersonal communication.
• Demonstrate how to effectively lower the stress level of another person through communication strategies.
• Identify the common “bricks” that build walls of negativity and demonstrate strategies to tear down those walls.

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