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    About our English for Construction Seminars…


    Professionals gain the ability to quickly use targeted and practical English phrases and basic English knowledge with interpersonal and cross-cultural training.  We don’t give a list of words and phrases; we teach how to fully communicate through the use of interpersonal, cultural, and verbal skills.


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    • Topics Covered in Level 1:

      Basic English- Level 1

        • Pronunciation
        • Greetings/Farewells
        • Key Words and Phrases
        • Numbers
        • Measurements
        • Days/Months/Dates/Time/Making Appointments
        • The 30 most common English Verbs
        • Subject Pronouns (I, you, he, she, we, they)
        • Forming questions in the present, past, and future
        • Forming statements in the present, past, and future
        • Describing buildings in a city and giving directions

      Construction English – Level 1

        • General Tools
        • Safety Equipment
        • Parts of a Building
        • Material Types
    • Topics Covered in Level 2:

      Basic English – Level 2


        • More About Pronunciation


        • Introducing Yourself and Describing Family


        • Talking about Food and Ordering in a Restaurant


        • Talking about Dates, Seasons, and the Weather


        • Forming Questions and Statements in the present, past, and futur


        • Talk about what you are doing and are going to do

      Construction English – Level 2


        • More Tools


        • Personal protective equipment


        • Specific construction safety phrases will be given for the individual areas of the participants


        • A little about Cultural Proficiency


    • Topics Covered in Level 3:

      Basic English – Level 3

        • Describing past events
        • How to properly introduce yourself and another person
        • 60 most common English verbs
        • Describing time and upcoming events
        • Comparing items and people
        • Talking about what you “have done”, “will do”, and “would do”

      Construction English – Level 3

        • The rooms of a building
        • Talking about location of items on the jobsite
        • Understanding directions to the jobsite
        • How to effectively explain what needs to be done


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