Interpreter Training Seminars

  • Upcoming Seminars:


    Tuesday, February 13th
    9am – 12pm
     Zinta Inspired Language, 2040 S Rock Rd #90, Wichita, KS 67207, USA



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    About our Interpreter Seminars…


    The Interpreter Seminars introduce the career of interpreting through a practical and targeted use of interpretation models and etiquette, a broad view of terminology, as well as application through many practice activities.  Interpreting skills and confidence are enhanced through these courses.

    For practicing interpreters, precise training is focused in the specific field of study.  Topics included in the seminars are: ethical and moral issues, topics involving regulations, specialized jargon, and how to handle difficult situations.

    Participants of these courses must be fluent in both English and Spanish and be able to easily navigate between both languages.


    Need a group seminar? We can come to your facility and customize! Ask us how!
    • Topics Covered in Level 1:

      • Basic Interpretation Etiquette
      • The Skill of Circumlocution
      • Body Parts and Pain
      • Symptoms and Present Illness and Injury
      • Spanish Dialects
      • Common and Specialized Medical Terms
    • Topics Covered in Level 2:

      • Intermediate Interpretation Etiquette
      • Talking about the body, pain, and the pain scale
      • Discussing diseases
      • Intermediate Confidence Building Exercises
      • Customer Service Terminology and Phrases
    • Topics Covered in Level 3:

      • Advanced Procedures in Interpretation
      • Advanced Body and Pain
      • Discussing Prevention and Disease Management
      • Discussing Prevention of Illness
      • Communicating Regulations and Forms
      • Advanced Confidence Building Exercises

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