Mini-Seminar: Spanish for Customer Service

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    Spanish for Customer Service

    Tuesday, February 27th 9:00AM-12:00PM

    Zinta Inspired Language, 2040 S Rock Rd #90, Wichita, KS 67207, USA

    Registration Deadline: February 13th 2018

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    Start Off Right Mini-Seminar:

    Spanish for Customer Service

    Want to build trust with your Spanish-Speakers in the first 5 minutes?

    The participants of this highly interactive and engaging 3 hour seminar will learn how to effectively build a bridge between the business and Spanish-speaking community by tearing down walls and building up trust in the first five minutes.  The participants will learn to obtain basic information from customers as they use key words and phrases to actually USE the language right from the start.  This informative seminar combines interpersonal communication knowledge, cross-cultural understanding, and a practical linguistic skills in order  to help customers feel welcome and comfortable right from the start. Spanish for Customer Service  Spanish for Customer Service   Spanish for Customer Service


    Topics Covered:

    Linguistic Training:

    • Spanish Pronunciation (Fast and Easy)
    • Greeting and asking for basic information such as name, phone, address, etc.
    • Making appointments, scheduling, and dates

    Cross-Cultural Training:

    • How to greet and effectively build trust in the first 5 minutes
    • How to tear down walls to build solid customer relationships
    • Avoiding the most common mistakes that businesses make when working with Hispanic customers

    Interpersonal Communication Training:

    • Understanding how positive and negative messages are sent
    • How to communicate without words


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