Portuguese Language Training Descriptions

Learning Portuguese can take you all over the world!

The Language Trainer will teach you how to actually use the language. You’ll also learn about the culture and non-verbal communication for complete understanding of the language.

Level 1:  You will get the basics of the language and how to actually give and obtain information with “key” words!  You will see communication in a whole different light.  You will also be able to manipulate sentences to ask and answer simple questions.  Listening skills will be slow and you will be speaking in words, not too many sentences. Reading and writing will come easier.

Level 2:  You will understand more, be able to speak more in some sentences, and start to comprehend more of what you hear.  Listening skills will speed up a bit ad you will be speaking in short sentences.
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Level 3:  By the end of this level, the class will be taught entirely in Portuguese with 90-100% student comprehension.  You may fell a bit frustrated because you understand a lot and want to enter in conversation, but will still speak slowly.  Listening skills will be much quicker and speaking will be slow.
Level 4: This level really gets you speaking quicker and a little  more comfortably.  Students usually move up a step and begin to realize that their efforts are starting to pay off! Listening skills are quick and speaking is at moderate speed.

Level 5:  In this level you should find yourself able to converse with others in simple everyday conversation.  Many students are so excited to be able to speak to others that they want to move to our advanced levels!  Listening skills are quick and speaking is much quicker and more comfortable.

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