Spanish for Construction

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    About our Spanish for Construction Seminars…

    Learn how to have better quality assurance and safety through better communication skills!

    Learn FAST through targeted, and highly interactive seminars  that allow  participants to learn some Construction Spanish as well as specific phrases needed right now on the job site!   We don’t give a list of words and phrases; we teach how to effectively  communicate quick and easy!


    Need a group seminar?  We can come to your facility and customize!  Ask us how!


  • Topics Covered in Level 1:

    Basic Spanish- Level 1

    • Pronunciation

    • Greetings/Farewells

    • Key Words and Phrases

    • Tearing Down Walls/Building Up Trust with Employees

    • Numbers

    • Measurements

    • Days/Months/Dates/Time/Making Appointments

    • Pack Your Bags
    Construction Spanish – Level 1 The Basics

    • Informational Questions

    • General Tools

    • Safety Equipment

    • Parts of a Building

    • Material Types

  • Topics Covered in Level 2:

    Basic Spanish – Level 2

    • More About Pronunciation

    • Introducing Yourself and Asking Informational Questions

    • How crisis effects language

    • More Parts of a Building

    • More Tools

    • Subject Pronouns (yo,tú,él/ella)

    • Tips on How to Communicate Effectively

    Construction Spanish – Level 2 Construction Safety

    • Safety Vocabulary

    • Personal protective equipment

    • Calling out Safety Commands

    • Tools and Equipment

    • Giving Directions to Jobsite

    • Describing Where Items Are Located

    • 15 most Common Verbs on the Jobsite

    • A little about Cultural Proficiency

  • Topics Covered in Level 3:

    Basic Spanish – Level 3

    • Professional Introductions

    • The 6 levels of Cultural Proficiency

    • 15 most common verbs used on the jobsite

    • Asking and answering questions in all forms

    • Giving instructions

    Construction Spanish – Level 3 Quality Assurance

    • Building/Tools/ and Materials

    • Tips and Tricks for Language Proficiency

    • How to effectively explain what needs to be done

    • Putting it All Together