Spanish for Outreach

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    About our Outreach Seminars…



    Learn how to tear down barriers and build up trust in the first five minutes of meeting someone!

    These engaging, targeted, and highly interactive seminars allow participants to learn both basic Spanish as well as specific phrases for Outreach!   We don’t give a list of words and phrases; we teach how to fully communicate through the use of interpersonal, cultural, and verbal skills.


    Need a group seminar?  We can come to your facility and customize!  Ask us how!


    • Topics Covered in Level 1:

      Basic Spanish- Level 1

        • Pronunciation
        • Power Greetings
        • Key Words and Phrases
        • Tearing Down Walls/Building Up Trust
        • Numbers
        • Family
        • Days/Months/Dates/Time/Making Appointments
        • Pack Your Bags

      Outreach Spanish – Level 1

        • Talking about Needs, Likes, and Dislike
        • Informational Questions
        • Giving Directions
        • Describing family and friends
        • High vs. Low Emotive Personalities
    • Topics Covered in Level 2:

      Basic Spanish – Level 2

        • More About Pronunciation
        • Introducing Yourself and Asking Informational Questions
        • How crisis effects language
        • Subject Pronouns
        • 15 most common verbs used in missions
        • Asking and answering questions (yo,tú,él/ella)
        • Packing a Bigger Bag

      Outreach Spanish – Level 2

        • Talking about money
        • Talking about needed supplies
        • A little about Cultural Proficiency
        • Common Questions and Phrases for Mission Trips
    • Topics Covered in Level 3:

      Basic Spanish – Level 3

        • Professional Introductions
        • The 6 levels of Cultural Proficiency
        • 30 most common verbs used in missions
        • Asking and answering questions in all forms
        • Useful Verbs (Tener, Ser, Estar, Ir)

      Outreach Spanish – Level 3

        • Talking about times and schedules of events
        • Talking about Activities on the trip
        • Tips and Tricks for Language Proficiency