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    About our Chiropractic Seminars…

    Professionals gain the ability to quickly use targeted and practical Chiropractic Spanish phrases and basic Spanish knowledge with interpersonal and cross-cultural training.  We don’t give a list of words and phrases; we teach how to fully communicate through the use of interpersonal, cultural, and verbal skills.

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    • Topics Covered in Level 1:

      Basic Spanish- Level 1

      • Pronunciation
      • Greetings/Farewells
      • Key Words and Phrases
      • Tearing Down Walls/Building Up Trust
      • Numbers
      • Family
      • Days/Months/Dates/Time/Making Appointments
      • Pack Your Bags

      Chiropractic Spanish – Level 1

      • Informational Questions
      • Parts of the Body
      • Talking about pain
      • Asking About History
      • Asking About Symptoms
      • Present Illness/Injury
    • Topics Covered in Level 2:

      Basic Spanish – Level 2

      • More About Pronunciation
      • Introducing Yourself and Asking Informational Questions
      • How crisis effects language
      • Subject Pronouns
      • 15 most common verbs
      • Asking and answering questions (yo,tú,él/ella)
      • Packing a Bigger Bag

      Chiropractic Spanish – Level 2

      • More About body and talking about pain
      • Expressing symptoms and illness/injury
      • A little about Cultural Proficiency
      • Talking About Chiropractic Areas
    • Topics Covered in Level 3:

      Basic Spanish – Level 3

      • Professional Introductions
      • The 6 levels of Cultural Proficiency
      • 30 most common verbs
      • Asking and answering questions in all forms
      • Useful Verbs (Tener, Ser, Estar, Ir)
      • Items in a hospital room and clinic

      Chiropractic Spanish – Level 3

      • Getting specific about Body and Pain
      • Asking about History
      • Tips and Tricks for Language Proficiency
      • Talking About Chiropractic Issues

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