About The Author

Vendla Smith, M.Ed.

Founder and Director of Zinta Inspired Language

Vendla Smith, founder and director of Zinta Inspired Language, has developed a unique and innovative instructional model that goes beyond ‘Words’ and ‘Mechanics’.  This model has proven to remedy both ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ core issues related to communication.

Traditional approaches to language acquisition have always been focused on “studying” it hoping one day to “use” the language conversationally.  Vendla’s approach to language acquisition enables the learner to actually “use” the language while acquiring it, thereby gaining fluency faster than traditional methods.

Not only has Vendla developed an effective model for language learning, she has also developed various workbooks in four different languages that offer a lot of practice in the language through stories, translations, and question activities.

Vendla has presented nationally for agencies such as the Department of Defense, Department of Aging, and the National Association for School Nurses Annual Conventions. She has also presented over 150 Industry specific seminars nationwide.

She received her Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language, State Teaching License, and Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. She is currently pursuing her Doctor of Philosophy in Education.

Her vast travel experience and personal interaction with various cultures in many parts of the world has given her a deep understanding of not only languages, cultures, and traditions, but also how to transform the way the learner views and communicates with the world around them.  She incorporates this knowledge in her curriculum and books.

In 2000 she founded Zinta Inspired Language, a cross-cultural an international language training center.  Zinta holds local classes, national industry specific seminars and presentations, and international distance learning from Canada to Ecuador.

Vendla is currently developing a video series to go with the workbooks she has created.  She hopes to have the videos available to the public in 2020.