American Sign Language

3 Different Ways to Learn!

Our Zinta courses can be offered in three different ways to fit your individual needs!

Group Classes

Our group classes meet once a week for an hour and a half.  Each level is 8-weeks long.  There are no more than 15 students so that instructors can give ample time needed for each student’s learning needs.  Our fun and engaging classes don’t add stress to your day, they relieve it!  Extremely conversational with short lessons make it easy to learn a language!

Individual Language Training

1-4 students

Our Individual Language Training takes a student as fast or show as they like!  Hour long one-on-one or small group instruction allows for customization of the material to help reach that goal in record time!  Can’t find a group class to meet your schedule?  Want to meet more often than once a week? Try one of our individual classes!

Distance Classes

Are you far away? Would you just like to learn at home? Our Distance learning allows you to see and hear the instructor just as if they are sitting on the other side of the table!  You will be able to view the PowerPoint, videos, practice, and ask questions as you move as fast or slow as you would like!  All you need is an internet and computer and we can connect with you!  One hour sessions allow you to meet weekly or more frequently depending on your schedule!

Courses Offered

Sign and Connect Adult Classes

In our Sign and Connect Adult Classes you will find yourself actually USING the language AS you learn!  No need to wait for years “studying” the language in hopes of one day being able to use it.  Our classes get you communicating with the Deaf population FAST.  A highly targeted and engaging curriculum that is easy to understand and immediately apply.  Lots of class practice is given by signing to your partner as the instructor assists each individual student.  We learn YOUR learning style and adapt the classes to fit YOU!  Imagine the possibilities!

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