Meet Our Staff



Vendla Smith, M.Ed.

Vendla Smith, founder and director of Zinta Inspired Language, an international cross-cultural and language training center, has developed a unique and innovative instructional model that goes beyond ‘Words’ and ‘Mechanics’.  This model has proven to remedy both ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ core issues related to communication.

Traditional approaches to language acquisition have always been focused on “studying” it hoping one day to “use” the language conversationally.  Vendla’s approach to language acquisition enables the learner to actually “use” the language while acquiring it, thereby gaining fluency faster than traditional methods.

Vendla has presented nationally for agencies such as the Department of Defense, Department of Aging, and the National Association for School Nurses Annual Conventions. She has also presented over 150 Industry specific seminars nationwide.

She received her Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language, State Teaching License, and Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Philosophy in Education.

Her vast travel experience and personal interaction with various cultures in many parts of the world has given her a deep understanding of not only languages, cultures, and traditions, but also how to transform the way the learner views and communicates with the world around them.

Meet the Staff

Z2Kerry, Business Operations

I love to help people reach their goals!  Since at Zinta have various options for classes, I want to ensure that students are in the right place and can reach their goals.  If a student is struggling, I ensure that they get the help they need to continue moving forward.  I would love to know your language goals and help you meet them!

Noemi, Spanish/English Language Trainer, Interpreter Trainer

I love creatively adapting to the learning styles of my students!  I am a native Spanish and English speaker.  I was born and raised here in the US, but my family is from Tamaulipas, Mexico.  I have worked extensively as a medical interpreter and have been with Zinta for about 6 years now as a language trainer.  I teach both children and adults.  I would love to help you have fun with the language and obtain a new skill in the process!


Hazel, Spanish/English Language Trainer

I love helping students understand more about the Hispanic culture! I am from El Salvador and am learning all about Kansas culture and weather.  It is quite different in my country.  I speak Spanish and English fluently, so I will be able to help you link the two languages so that you can learn easier.  I teach beginning through advanced classes. I am excited to share my culture with you!


Tyler, French/English Language Trainer

I love sharing my knowledge of the French culture and language with you!  I was born and raised in Wichita and am at graduate of WSU majoring in French Language and French Ed. I have lived and studied in France which provides me with an up to date and intimate knowledge of French life and culture.  Learning French as a second language allows me to explain the details of the language.  I am excited to help you speak French as well!


Kala, American Sign-Language Trainer

I love helping others understand about the Deaf culture and be able to speak with their hands! I began my journey into American Sign Language in High School and have taken it through completing a Bachelor’s Degree.  I love to share my love of sign language with others and help them to understand the Deaf community a little more.  I would love to help answer your questions and teach you how to speak with your hands!


Marcel, French Language Trainer

I love sharing my French-African culture with the students that I work with!  I am a native speaker from the Ivory Coast in Africa.  I was born and raised speaking French since that is the main language in my country.  I am excited to teach French classes at Zinta and can’t wait to inspire you to want to learn more French too!


Monica, Portuguese Language Trainer

I love to connect with my students and give them important cross-cultural knowledge!  I was born and raised in Brazil, so Portuguese is my native language.  I enjoy sharing my beautiful Portuguese language with students.  Portuguese is very close to Spanish, so if you know some Spanish, then Portuguese is easy to learn!  I can’t wait to share my culture and language with you!

31948014_10211909108869370_5996241809456496640_nHannah Ulrich, Office Support Staff

I love helping the trainers to get ready for their classes!  I am currently a High School student who is learning Spanish.  I help with the kid’s summer camps and all the handouts that you receive for class.  If you see me here at Zinta, be sure to say “Hi!”

IMG_20180716_113930Eusmary, Translator

I love helping people get their documents translated!  Details are important to me, so whether your document includes technical or regular vocabulary, it will be done quickly and accurately.  Simply ask us for a free quote for the document you need translated!