Who We Are


Zinta Inspired Language helps eliminate ongoing communication barriers through interpersonal, cross-cultural, and language training to build bridges,  connect people, and expand opportunities.

Business Philosophy

We are creative problem solvers who truly understand the needs of our customers and go above and beyond the expectations in order to help them achieve their goals.  We will continue to present ourselves and our services in the highest quality possible.

Bridging the Gap

Zinta Inspired Language is committed to connecting people by providing professional live, online, and distance learning that give participants skills in interpersonal communication, relationship building, cross-cultural, and Spanish/English language training for businesses, organizations, and individuals.  We are committed to reaching various populations by also providing language classes for youth of all ages, citizenship, computer, and driving skills classes each taught bilingually.  We provide business services which include interpretation, translation, and tutoring as well as an on-line store for purchasing additional learning and promotional items.

What does Zinta mean?

The Z-Factor is “whole” communication.  While the focus of many language schools is on the words and mechanics of language, the Z-Factor focuses on real communication which includes conversational, interpersonal, and cross-cultural aspects as well.  When you have “whole” communication, you can connect with people, build bridges, and expand opportunities.

This is what makes language inspiring.  This is what sets us apart.

Z = INspired TAlk

This is who we are.  Zinta Inspired Language

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