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What is Zinta?



Zinta embraces a deep respect and celebration of uniqueness in individuals, cultures and languages.  In our beautifully diverse world, each of us gains different experiences, giving us unique points of view which collectively add strength and richness to our lives. 



Zinta offers the opportunity for adults and children to experience life from a different perspective and open doors to worlds they have never seen before.  Individuals and businesses experience the positive impact of understanding a variety of different cultures through cross-cultural presentations, seminars, and language classes.    



Learn more about yourself as you experience other cultures and languages in our beautiful world!


You will be able to use the language as you learn through different strategies designed to reach all learning styles.  Our highly experienced Zinta Certified Trainers will get you speaking in record time, and our small classes will give you the individual help you need in order to reach your goals.  Whether you take our group or individual training sessions, you will build confidence and have fun while doin




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