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  • Why change our name?

    We are expanding nationwide!

    Now with additional interpersonal, cross-cultural, and industry specific training!

    • Still offering the same dynamic and engaging training!
    • Don’t get stuck on the mechanics.  Communicate immediately!
    • Experience the “Z-Factor” – REAL communication!
    • Real communication builds connections.  It expands opportunities.                It inspires.
    • Z = INspired TAlk  – This is who we are.  Zinta Inspired Language.

    Set Yourself Apart.

  • venla

  • My promise to you

    “Communication is far more than learning the words and mechanics of a language. That is why we have developed the “Z-Factor”. It teaches you how to actually communicate! I promise that our team will make you glad, even after that very first training session. You WILL communicate fast and effectively!”

    Vendla SmithOwner