Multicultural Presentations

Does your staff serve diverse groups helping every individual to feel comfortable from the first impression?

Non-language based multicultural, diversity, and sensitivty training are customized to fit the needs of your organization!

Participants gain verbal, interprestional, and cross-cultural knowledge as they learn the different ways they send positive and negative messages that can be applied immediately!

Imagine the possibilities of tearing down walls in the first 5 minutes of meeting someone!

We have a variety of 3-hour, 6-hour, and 6-week

industry specific seminars tailored to fit your needs!

Translation Services

Our highly experienced translators are educated well in both languages. We can work in standard language which is understood by all dialects, or translate to a certain dialect as well. We understand that translation is more than merely changing words and that matching the tone, context, and sentiment of the language is imperative.

Translations are edited by a team rather than an individual to maintain top quality. The Zinta team has experience in technical, legal, and industry specific translations and interpretations.

Why Choose Zinta?

  • Quick Response Time
  • Cultural Knowledge for High-Quality Interpretations
  • Fast and Friendly Translators/Interpreters
  • Competitive Rates

Interpretation Services

Let our professional team of experienced and highly educated interpreters give you the communication quality that you need to overcome any obstacle.

Whether over the telephone or on-site, our interpreters are fast and accurate to help you reach your goals!

We interpret on-site for local companies and national companies over the telephone!

Do you have interpreters that need some training? Ask about our interpreter seminars today!