American Sign Language – English – French – Italian- Portuguese – Spanish


“Speak and Connect” Adult Classes

USE the language AS you learn!

Don’t waste years “studying” the language in hopes of one day being able to use it. Our conversational classes get you speaking FAST.

You will find our highly targeted and engaging curriculum easy to understand and immediately apply with lots of speaking practice.

We teach to YOUR learning style and adapt the classes to fit YOU!

Contact us to see our in-house locations as well as our extraordiary distance classes!

Whether you are a beginning, intermediate, or advanced speaker, your journey awaits!

“Fun and Fluent”
Youth Classes

Your child can be bilingual BEFORE high school with our exceptional youth program AND have fun while learning!

Toddler Talk (ages 1-4 with adult) – Learn basic phrases, songs, and finger stories with your toddler as you bond!

Fun and Fluent Kids (ages 5-10) – Experience new vocabulary in a new theme every 8-sessions through songs and games!

Middle School – (ages 11-14) – Clases developed just for middle schoolers that get them excited about learning while gaining a skill they will use throughout life!
Join us to begin your journey today!

“Spanish Today” Industry Specific Seminars

Our Spanish Today Seminars have been a hit nationwide throughout the last 23 years!

Participants learn to tear down walls and build trust in the first 5 minutes of meeting someone in these targeted and practical seminars!

Managers wanting to work better with staff orĀ  increase revenue and clientele, we have a seminar that can get you there FAST!

Your journey awaits…