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I love learning with the staff at Zinta. At times I wondered if I would ever “get it” but I sure have. I start Advanced Spanish in a couple of weeks. I have already had some short conversations with native speakers. LOVE the classes, LOVE the teachers and staff, and LOVE their teaching style! – Robyn Nelson


Zinta has a traditional classroom setting mixed with semi-non-traditional teaching philosophy. They really focus on helping you understand the foundations of the language you’re learning while emphasizing repetition and practice. The small class size was especially helpful in allowing focused attention to individual learning levels and styles. The teaching staff is top-notch – would highly recommend! – Chad Doeden


I have been trying to learn Spanish for years. I have tried Babble, Rosetta Stone, Duo Lingo ect. None of which made the language stick. I am finishing up Spanish 2 and will return for Spanish 3 when I can. I feel like I am closer to fluency than I ever have been and that’s in just 3 months!!! Thank you Zinta! – Victoria Anne

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Zinta also offers mulicultural, diversity, and sensitivity training as well as translation services for businesses.

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