Welcome to our premier cross-cultural and language training center at our new location – 9415 E. Harry St., Suite 304

For over 20 years Zinta has been eliminating ongoing communication barriers, connecting people, and expanding opportunities.

Aside from our premium language training, we also have many books and resources available to help learners like you!


Language Training

Zinta offers a variety of languages and we will teach you how to actually USE the language while learning it!

With a variety of options available to fit your needs, we can help you reach your speaking goals!

Begin your new adventure with us!


Zinta also offers mulicultural, diversity, and sensitivity training as well as a variety of interpretation and translation services for businesses.

Imagine the possibilities!

What We Offer

With over 21 years of service and exceptional curriculum, the Zinta team has helped hundreds of students to reach their goals in speaking a new language!

Your journey is waiting for you to begin!

#1 in Wichita for Language and Cultural Training

Winner of the 2017 Murdock  “Difference Makers” Award for Business!

Winner of  Diversity Leaders 2018


Upcoming Events

Visit our live-streamed and virtual events throughout the year!