It is pleasantly surprising how much information the brain can obtain and retain within a short amount of time. What makes all the difference is HOW you are taught the information.

Adapting teaching styles

Did you know that are 8 distinct learning styles that affect the way an individual learns new material? This means that everyone must be taught a specific way in order for them to fully grasp the concept and retain the information. Make sure that you are utilizing all resources that help you learn the best, whether it’s videos, games, reading, etc., Instructors need to be able to identify the specific learning styles of every individual and adapt the lesson plan to suit the participants’ needs.

Don’t get caught up in the mechanics

Focus more on the structures and patterns of the language, rather than grammar. We have created communication activities that will help you communicate in record time.

Don’t study a language; Speak a language

Why do some people learn a language faster than others? The answer is simple: they are speaking the language instead of simply studying the language. More time needs to be spent on practicing. Building fluency only requires small pieces of information and a lot of repetition.

Cultural tips

Language and culture go hand in hand. Did you know that placing your hands in your lap at the dinner table is perceived as rude in some cultures? Learn the norms of non-verbal communication so you don’t send the wrong messages!


With this instructional model, Zinta Inspired Language has transformed the idea of “impossible,” making it easy to speak a language in a very short time.