Zinta Online Classes are different than any other online courses out there, and this is why…

Communicate in the language from the start!

Have you ever seen or heard those advertisements for top software programs that can guarantee that you learn a language fast? Chances are that you have, but the truth of the matter is that these expensive programs will not get you speaking the language. Zinta Online Classes are different because our teachers focus on speaking and conversation. You’ll learn proper pronunciation and common words in order to sound like a true native speaker. You’ll communicate in the language from the very first day!

One on one with the teacher!

Our online classes are Individual Language Instruction, so it’s just you and the teacher. This is the personal touch that you can only find with Zinta Online Classes. Every lesson is designed to fit what you need. Many other online classes have you watching pre-recorded lessons, but with Zinta you’re interacting with the teacher live.

Tips for learning the language!

Our teachers are trained to help you learn the fun way. You’ll learn tips that make it easy to learn grammar and vocabulary. You’ll learn the patterns of the language so you don’t have to think too much when you’re speaking. No other program out there will teach you these secret tips to the language. We make learning a language simple and fun.

World wide experience from home!

What makes Zinta Online Classes so special is that you learn about a whole different world without even leaving your home. Our instructors share music, art, videos and so much more! You’ll learn about the culture and the language all in one class.

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