Most Hispanics today feel at least a little stress about their upcoming citizenship interview.  Citizenship, for many Hispanics, is a very important dream, so it is natural that some stress is involved.  The best way to overcome the stress of the citizenship interview is to be prepared.

The best way to be prepared  is to adequately study for the oral, civics, reading, and writing portion of the interview.  There are 100 questions and answers that the USCIS has published, and many people assume that these are the only questions that they need to study.  This is incorrect.  There are actually more questions that just the 100 included in the interview.  The official will ask you questions about yourself as well as the civics which includes history, reading, and writing.    

The interview will begin the minute that you greet the official and enter the office.  You will be expected to understand spoken English at normal speed,  as well as show skills in reading and writing.

Here are some important tips on passing the interview:

1.  Make a copy of your N400 application for your records.  In your interview, you will be asked questions about your application to test your English skills.  Make sure you understand all of the vocabulary on the application.

2.  Understand what you will be tested on.  You may need to know some specific details about the 100 questions.  Don’t just memorize answers.  Know the history.

3.  Don’t submit the application until you feel well prepared for EACH of the test sections.  Practice your reading and writing skills before you go for the interview.

4.  Arrive on-time with all documents that you are asked to bring.

Zinta Inspired Language  helps the Hispanic population to prepare for the interview in each of these four areas AND they do it bilingually so that each student fully understands the history and how the government functions.  Practice interviews are given, and reading and writing skills are practiced in each class.  Pronunciation instruction is also given in the citizenship class for any students who need some extra help.  If you need English help, Spanish Horizons can help you choose an 8-week English class at your appropriate level, with bilingual instructors who understand both the English and Spanish languages.