Spanish Today for Insurance Professionals: An Industry-Specific Spanish Workbook

Used in Zinta Insurance Professionals Seminar

Simple explanations with many practice activities to build your Insurance Spanish skills! The Speak Today for Insurance Professionals Workbook covers all the basics of the Spanish language as it relates to the life, home, renters, and auto insurance fields. From the first step of Spanish pronunciation through asking for needed documents, you will find this workbook very helpful.

Cultural information is also included to give you holistic communication skills. Don?t get bogged down with difficult grammatical explanations! This book is written in an easy to understand format that leads you through the language in a step by step process. Learn Spanish in a practical and targeted manner! Some of the topics covered in the workbook include greeting patients, obtaining personal information, asking for documents, explaining different types of insurance, etc. Speak with your customers more effectively with this easy and fun workbook!