Making an effort to find the perfect house for a growing family is important in the Realty world, and it is especially significant with Hispanic families. Hiring an interpreter is one solution to break the communication barrier, but this doesn’t help your company build trust with the client.

Be part of the Family

Communicate, not only with the head of the household, but with everyone in the family.

It is important not to leave anyone out- including the children! It is customary in Spanish-speaking culture to greet children, as well as the adults. The most important aspects of life for many Hispanics is their faith, family and friends. Show them that you are trustworthy, friendly and eager to help in any way possible.

Personal Relationships

The client is doing business with YOU. Be prepared to spend some time to get to know them personally.

Much like in America, Spanish-speakers also tend to start a conversation with a simple “Good afternoon, how are you? How is your family?” etc. Trust is built between speakers by sharing a mutual impression in the first few moments of speaking, which is critical for showing them that they can trust you to find their future home.


One thing that all successful businesses must have is respect for their clients.

This includes listening attentively, being friendly, giving them undivided attention and making suggestions that will genuinely help them in the future. Sometimes businesses take for granted the habitual daily habits of our culture that may be perceived as rude in other cultures. For example, it is not uncommon for a realtor to stare at the computer while talking to the home-buyer.

Hispanic families are highly relational, in that they desire to connect with the person with whom they are speaking, share eye-contact and form a good relationship.

These 3 key elements are vital in making a great first impression, as well as building relationships with Spanish-speakers. Being respectful, personal and familiar are the best ways to make sales and gain new clientele.