Looking for the right foreign language class can be a challenge, especially when your main desire is to skip the boring lessons and excel to communicating effectively. Sometimes software programs and college courses may trap you under the glass ceiling by preventing you from reaching your goal.

If you want to speak the language in record time, these are the aspects to be looking for in a GREAT foreign language class:

1. Interaction

Equal time with the teacher requires small classes; 20 students or less is perfect.

2. Student Focus

The teacher must be willing to focus on the students’ needs and apply them to practice.

3. Efficiency

Learn what you want to learn in the way that you want to learn it. If you don’t want to learn in a “lecture” setting, do not settle!

4. Practice

Classroom time should be spent USING the language verbally. Reading and writing can be put into practice at home.

5. Activities

Every student has a unique learning style and the instructor should recognize how they learn the best by including activities to evoke creativity.

6. Oral Assessments

Some teachers often focus primarily on grammar instead of conversation. Ongoing oral assessments, instead of only using paper tests, should be administered so that the student can recognize their progress.

7. Culture

Cultural competence is imperative for good communication. Understanding the culture behind the language will assist with deeply connecting to the speakers.

8. Meeting Goals

Students should be moving forward and advancing their skills, not staying in place. Instructors should adjust their lesson plans accordingly for students in different levels.

9. Student Fluency

If communicating effectively is what you are looking for, then you must verify that specific techniques for obtaining fluency will be taught in the class.

10. Teacher Fluency

Look for instructors who have lived in or visited countries where the target language is spoken. This is a good indicator that they can assist a student to become fluent.