More "Zinta Gives Back" Events to Come in 2022!

We are excited to plan for our 2022 Zinta "Gives Back" Events!

  • Learn some "Romance" language in February through our virtual videos, downloadable handouts, and quizzes! (Available for Spanish, French, English, and Portugues)
  • Join us for another "Silent Strokes" Deaf paint night in March and learn a little ASL!
  • Visit our "Multicultural" Virtual Event in April as we celebrate different cultures around the world!
  • Join our Kids Rockin' Summer Activities in June/July! (Available for Spanish, French, and ASL)
  • Join us for another "Silent Strokes" Deaf paint night in August to learn more ASL!
  • Visit our "Day of the Dead" Virtual Event in October as we remember loved ones!

Previous “Zinta Gives Back”  Events

Zinta believes in giving back to community.  The “Zinta Gives Back” events are charitable events that help an organization that helps make lives better for others!  These events couldn’t have been possible without the support from so many willing to give back to community  and having some fun while doing it!

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‘Silent Strokes’ Deaf Paint Night 2021

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Multicultural Event 2017

Day of the Dead 2018

A Day of the Dead Celebrations 2012-2016

  Zinta offers a variety of virtual, live-streamed, and in-person events throughout the year.  Continue to check back for more information!