So you’re going on a trip!  Vacations can be quite an adventure, but they can be even MORE fun if you take a little time to gain some language skills before you go!

 1. Familiarize yourself with where you are going.

Look up the history.  Understand the people groups.

 2. Be able to greet someone in THEIR language!

It doesn’t take much time or money to be able to learn some greetings and simple questions.

 3. Learn some of the customs.

Is it usual to greet a friend with a handshake, kiss, or hug?   Learning some of the culture just adds to the fun and understanding of the trip.

 4. Know when and where to barter.

Many countries have  markets and shops set aside for bartering.  It is not usual to barter in a shopping mall or grocery store.

 5. Learn the words for the city buildings.

You can use these to ask for help if you get lost. These are very important survival skills that you can learn ahead of time.


If you take time to build some Spanish language skills, you will not only know more about where you are visiting, but you may also be able to make a friend!