Zinta Directors

Vendla Smith, founder and director of Zinta Inspired Language, has developed a unique and innovative instructional model that goes beyond ‘Words’ and ‘Mechanics’.  Her approach to language acquisition enables the learner to actually “use” the language while acquiring it, thereby gaining fluency faster than traditional methods. She has presented nationally at over 150 industry specific seminars nationwide. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language, State Teaching License, and Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. She is currently pursuing her Doctor of Philosophy in Education.

Vendla Smith M.Ed.

Zinta Director

Meet Kerry!  Kerry’s been with the business since 2004.  Kerry handles all the behind-the-scenes activities at Zinta to include computer technical and customer support.  If you have a problem or need help then Kerry’s probably the person you’ll interact with.  Kerry is a retired CMSgt from the Air Force and a GS-14 Civil Service employee with a combined total of 40 years of service.   Kerry obviously enjoys working with technology but he has a real passion for helping students reach their language learning goals.

Kerry Smith

Business Operations

Zinta Certified Trainers

Meet Fatima!  She joined the Zinta team in 2021.  As a distance language trainer conducting classes from her home country of El Salvador, Fatima offers her students native speaking experience from the comforts of their own homes.  Her encouraging approach makes her an effective instructor whom her students enjoy.  Her favorite part about teaching at Zinta is having fun with her students as she learns alongside them.  

Spanish – English Languages

Fatima Araujo

Zinta Lead Trainer

Meet Dawn!  Dawn Miner joined the Zinta staff in 2021.  Dawn’s love for French started early as a young girl watching Sesame Street.    After finishing her degree, she lived for three years in Vittel, France.  It took surviving a nightmarish first six months before she finally began feeling comfortable using the language and forming relationships.  She recalls trying to pick out a family pet – wanting to be clear about their choice of a female puppy, she accidentally asked for an outhouse instead!  Dawn currently resides in Wisconsin but would love to move back to France.    Back in the U.S., she’s used her language skills to tutor teens and adults and to translate for immigrants.  “Tearing down the walls” is what excites her the most about working with the Zinta team.

French – English Languages

Dawn Miner

Zinta Trainer

Growing up bilingual has been one of my greatest blessings! It’s hard to imagine what life would be like if I didn’t have not only the language but the experience of knowing and understanding both the American and Mexican culture. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to help so many people communicate across culture and language. Furthermore, that means helping grandchildren to communicate with their grandparents. Other times that means helping professionals communicate better in a job setting.

Spanish – English Languages

Noemi Maldonado

Zinta Trainer

Melissa’s love for languages began when she was a little girl listening to her grandparents tell stories in Low German and watching Sesame Street where she learned her numbers and colors in Spanish and encountered sign language for the first time.  In high school she studied German and in college learned American Sign Language. While completing her degree to become an English teacher, she also worked as an interpreter, obtaining EIPA certification.  Her years teaching were filled with connection with the Deaf community, the American Sign Language Honor Society, and the American Sign Language Teachers Association.  

American Sign Language – English Languages

Melissa Leonard

Zinta Seminar Trainer

Austin comes to Zinta from Galveston, Texas!  An avid musician and cat-lover, Austin enjoys connecting with students through humor, and says infusing daily life with joy and conversation is important.  He grew up in a multicultural setting, and in addition to adding Spanish to his collection of languages, he studied French for 7 years under professors from Montreal, Lille and Paris.  His favorite language experience is connecting with Haitian immigrants. 

French – English – Spanish Languages

Austin Taylor

Zinta Trainer

Hailing from El Salvador, Susana has refined the English she learned in school by working for English-speaking companies since she was 18.  An avid bike-rider and make-up aficionado, she also enjoys listening to music, traveling and learning new things. While soaking up the culture in Honduras, she also taught English to under-privileged children.  Her favorite quote is: “Lo que no estás cambiando, lo estás eligiendo,” which means “What you are not changing, you are choosing.”

Italian – Spanish – English Languages

Susana Quintanilla

Zinta Trainer

Native to the beautiful country of El Salvador, Beatriz (Bea) started her self-taught language journey at the age of 10. Through music, some grammar books, and a dictionary she discovered English was fun. Later at the university, she also studied French and Portuguese. Bea learned Portuguese at the Embassy of Brazil in El Salvador with native speakers. Currently, she is learning Korean on her own as she finds their culture very interesting too. Beatriz enjoys spending time with family, watching Nature documentaries, practicing pilates… and she loooves coffee. She had the opportunity to visit the city of Porto Alegre in 2016. Beatriz likes meeting new people and she is excited to get to know y’all soon!

Portuguese – Spanish – English Languages

Beatriz Quintanilla

Zinta Trainer

Meet Hazel!  Hazel is an outstanding Zinta trainer who teaches both Spanish and English.  She has not yet become accustomed to the cold weather here in Kansas since she is originally from El Salvador. She brings her native language experience to Zinta students in English as a second language courses as well as her popular Spanish classes.  Her students fall in love with her right off the bat, and we are told many times how patient and caring she is.  What Hazel enjoys most is, “seeing the excitement of my students when they tell me they spoke Spanish outside the classroom!”

Hazel Martinez

Zinta Seminar Trainer