Speak and Connect Portuguese!: A Beginning Level Workbook

Used in Zinta Portuguese Levels 1 – 2

Simple explanations with many practice activities to build your Portuguese skills. The Speak and Connect Portuguese Beginning Level Workbook covers all the basics of the Portuguese language from the first step of Portuguese pronunciation through forming simple questions and statements in the present tense!

Included in the workbook are a large variety of activities and practice exercises in the language. Cultural information is also included to give you holistic communication skills. Don?t get bogged down with difficult grammatical explanations! This book is written in an easy to understand format that leads you through the language in a step by step process. Learn Portuguese in a practical and targeted manner! Some of the topics covered in the workbook include greetings, numbers, shopping, the city, foods, family, describing people, and 60 of the most commonly used action words. An answer key is included to make sure that you are understanding and answering correctly. Supporting material such as vocabulary flashcards are also available online. Gain a new language with this easy and fun workbook!